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Nick Ross21 Feb 2011

Late last year, you may have noticed a major cross-platform ad campaign for Samsung 3D TVs. One of the key selling points was, "Samsung 3D TV is recommended by most retailers and technology journalists." That didn't sit right…More

Nick Ross15 Feb 2011

Telstra's announcement of a 4G wireless network being rolled out this year is certainly exciting, but my enthusiasm was well and truly tempered. More

Nick Ross31 Jan 2011

So I had one of those half-awake dreams over the weekend where I invented a something amazing. I was thinking of the flooded Queensland homes and all of the furniture and appliances being thrown on to the street because of wa…More

Nick Ross12 Jan 2011

So yesterday we had one of those social networking feuds. Bing Lee offered to donate $1 to Queensland flood causes for every person that 'Liked' their Facebook page. They used Twitter to spread the word. More

Nick Ross10 Jan 2011

Another day, another ridiculous claim about the internet and technology. Gerry Harvey has now gathered the support of the National Retailers Association in his fight to get GST added to online purchases. This is being done, a…More

Nick Ross7 Jan 2011

I used a great many smartphones last year - Androids, iPhone, Blackberrys, Nokias and Windows Phone 7s. But which was the one I ended up living with?More

Nick Ross24 Dec 2010

Well that's sort of it for Tech and Games for 2010. We'll be back Wednesday 5th of January. However, it's not like the site will be abandoned in that time. We will still be streaming all of the latest Technology and Games new…More

Nick Ross16 Dec 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for just over a month now. What has it been like to live with and what are the real differences between the two (three, if we include the occasional Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare referenc…More

Nick Ross10 Dec 2010

Today the Standing Committee of Attorney Generals (SCAG) meet to debate whether Australia should introduce an R18+ category for games. More

Nick Ross9 Dec 2010

There seems to be increasingly little middle ground here. On the one side you've got the Wikileaks and Assange haters. And now, on the other, you've got Wikileaks, no longer a small little island on the run from America, but …More

Nick Ross3 Dec 2010

One of the best things about the iPad is video playback thanks to its bright screen and decent speakers. However, it's the navigation and ergonomics that really set it apart. Regular websites are optimized to display text-bas…More

Nick Ross29 Nov 2010

The last few days have seen a few big Twitter fails.More

Nick Ross25 Nov 2010

If you haven't read the released-to-appease-Nick-Xenophon summary of the business case for the NBN, don't bother. It might just be the most fact-free publication ever.More

Nick Ross22 Nov 2010

My Xbox Kinect arrived last week. This is the device that lets you interact with your console by measuring body movements. Not just your hand movements, as with the Nintendo Wii and Playstation Move, but your whole body. And …More

Nick Ross19 Nov 2010

South Australia's Attorney General is aghast that someone on Facebook broke a court suppression order by naming the alleged Kapunda killer (see links right - below image).More

Abi Thomas17 Nov 2010

I've been playing around with the new RockMelt browser and really like it. It's similar to Google Chrome but then imports a lot of social features too - Facebook friends, Twitter lists, RSS feeds. Thoughts?More

Nick Ross28 Oct 2010

This is all about a phone called the HTC Desire. If you've not heard of it, that's fine, but you may recognise it as the phone that effectively sponsored the last series of Masterchef.More

Nick Ross27 Oct 2010

ABC iView lets you watch programmes you may have missed. This week, tech and games folk may be interested in. More

Nick Ross19 Oct 2010

People have been saying that the N8 is Nokia's last chance to claw itself back into the smartphone market. The phone was launched today and will be available in November. But our first impressions aren't good...More

Nick Ross18 Oct 2010

Hello and welcome to the ABC's new Technology and Games website. This site has two main functions...More

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Troubled telco VHA has given the strongest signal so far that it intends to be a fixed-line player in the new fibre National Broadband Network.
the age 25/02/2011
Complaints against telcos have skyrocketed according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
smh 25/02/2011
PayPal has frozen the account of Courage to Resist.


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