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Science Online 25 Feb 11

When helium atoms are super-chilled they behave just like light particles in a laser beam, according to new Australian research. More

Technology and Games 25 Feb 11

No matter ridiculous you think that one headshot you landed from five million miles away is, there's always something better. Like dropping out of a plane to snipe someone from a million miles away and still landing in the co… More

Radio National Breakfast 25 Feb 11

The floods, the cyclone, the bushfires, and now tragically, the Christchurch earthquake - many of us spend a lot of the summer watching rolling coverage of disasters unfold on our televisions, online, and over the radio. So t… More

Science Online 25 Feb 11

Scientists say a previously little known form of sulphur, which only occurs at extreme temperatures and pressures may be the most common form of the element on Earth. More

Science Online 24 Feb 11

Carbon is known as the hardest element on Earth, and now it seems it could be our squishiest as well. More

Crowdsourcing the weather

Crowdsourcing the weather

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RN Future Tense 23 Feb 11

Professor David Karoly and his colleagues have built a kind of super computer that relies on the computer power of thousands of volunteers around the world. Their mission is to help produce more accurate climate predictions. More

RN Future Tense 24 Feb 11

In a digital world do we direct technology, or do we let ourselves be directed by it? That's the big question renowned media theorist Douglas Rushkoff addresses in his new book Program or be Programmed. More

Science Online 24 Feb 11

A new diagnostic technique approved for a human clinical trial targets cancer cells themselves with tiny tracers that atomically bond to rogue cells wherever they appear in the body. More

ABC Riverina - Digital Living 23 Feb 11

Digital Living - music recognition More

Technology and Games 23 Feb 11

In recent years, one of the most interesting developments has been the incredible surge in the use of SMS messages. It has been estimated that in 2010 over 6 trillion text messages were sent, some 200,000 every second. Not a … More

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zdnet 25/02/2011
Troubled telco VHA has given the strongest signal so far that it intends to be a fixed-line player in the new fibre National Broadband Network.
the age 25/02/2011
Complaints against telcos have skyrocketed according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
smh 25/02/2011
PayPal has frozen the account of Courage to Resist.


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Australian composer Percy Grainger (ABC Radio National)

Pianist Glen Riddle performs a quirky Percy Grainger piece on Grainger's own piano.