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Philosophers Zone 22 Feb 11

The object of Wikileaks is to dismantle the conspiracies that, according to its founder, rule the world. But what is a conspiracy and are you part of one? According to Assange, it's possible to be a member of conspiracy witho… More

Technology and Games 25 Feb 11

Over the ten years we have seen a lot of changes in the consumer technology space, both in terms of technological advances and the adoption rates of new products. More

Technology and Games 25 Feb 11

If you are in Enterprise IT you are most likely not in an enviable position. You are under more pressure than ever to cut costs and reduce spending, while catering to the needs of CEOs and executives who demand speed and agil… More

Technology and Games 24 Feb 11

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to write for Rolling Stone magazine. Not the music stuff. The other stuff. Stories about Nazis and street kids or whatever was hip at the time. More

Technology and Games 23 Feb 11

It is often said that people are a company's most important asset. In a tight employment market, this saying is truer than most and in many respects it becomes the yardstick by which successful organisations are compared. More

News Online 22 Feb 11

Kerry Stokes underscored his reputation as one of Australia's shrewdest businessmen with yesterday's $4.1 billion Seven West deal. More

Technology and Games 21 Feb 11

The Australian book industry is hurting and it's not online shopping or a high Australian dollar to blame - it's the industry itself. More

Philosophers Zone 22 Feb 11

This week Jaron Lanier -- composer, performer, computer scientist, philosopher and pioneer of virtual reality -- gets seriously sceptical about somebody a lot of people think of as a hero: Julian Assange. The Internet, accord… More

RN Book Show 18 Feb 11

A Melbourne company has developed new technology to help independent booksellers thrive in the brave new world of e-books. Large multi-nationals like Borders are paying a high price for failing to keep pace with the digital c… More

Technology and Games 17 Feb 11

In many workplaces today, the new norm is BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer. To boost worker morale and cut costs, some companies are starting to let employees bring their own laptops to work. More

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zdnet 25/02/2011
Troubled telco VHA has given the strongest signal so far that it intends to be a fixed-line player in the new fibre National Broadband Network.
the age 25/02/2011
Complaints against telcos have skyrocketed according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
smh 25/02/2011
PayPal has frozen the account of Courage to Resist.


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Australian composer Percy Grainger (ABC Radio National)

Pianist Glen Riddle performs a quirky Percy Grainger piece on Grainger's own piano.